FULL - POETS Young Engineers Camp [*IDEA]

Camp is FULL for Summer 2024.
Application is OPEN for Summer 2024. Register Now.
Application is CLOSED for Summer 2024.
This is an INVITE-ONLY camp.
Application is TBA for Summer 2024. Check back soon.

Age Group: 5th-8th


  • Residential:
  • Commuter:
  • Virtual:
  • Day Camp: $150

Category: 3-D Sessions


  • June 24 - 28

Residence Hall:

Scholarships: Yes, see details No

*IDEA camps are mission-driven camp sessions led by departments aiming to Increase Diversity, Equity, & Access in STEM majors and careers. These camps focus on support and empowerment of traditionally excluded populations in STEM including (but not limited to) the areas of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and ability. All are welcome to apply.

POETS Camp is an interactive, hands-on summer STEM camp that incorporates engineering design, technology, and teamwork. Taught by engineering graduate students, campers will engage in projects, critical thinking, and problem-solving to enhance their STEM knowledge and learn real-world skills. 

The three main projects are building a small electric car, making shower gel, and exploring drone technology. Woven throughout the week are opportunities to learn and play with peers, express creativity, and further college and career readiness.

Note: This is a half-day camp (9am - 1pm)



Tracy Dace is the Center for Power Optimization of Electro-Thermal Systems (POETS) Associate Director of Education and Inclusivity and an advocate for access to STEM education and experiences for all. Therefore, he bridges POETS to community opportunities to expose and empower youth through hands-on STEM learning. Tracy is also passionate about engaging families in the process of STEM learning and works closely with campus departments to remove barriers and build pathways. 

Engineering Graduate Students will help facilitate this camp.

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