Community Partners

As the pre-college outreach and public engagement unit in the Grainger College of Engineering, WYSE partners and collaborates with a variety of community organizations to develop, implement, evaluate, and reach a diverse group of K-12 students and families. 

Driven to Reach Excellence & Academic Achievement for Males


DREAAM is driven to reach excellence in achievement, engagement, and behavioral and mental health among boys and young men ages 3–24 years old.

Reach: We embrace and engage with DREAAMers as early as the age of 3 with the commitment to remain in their lives until they are 24.  

Teach: We believe in starting early building resiliency, a love for learning, and positive friendship skills.  

Empower: We empower DREAAMers to Dream Big!

DREAAM Website

Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center (UNCC)


The Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center (UNCC) plays a vital role in the lives of more than 50 unique and talented K-12 students in Urbana Public School District #116.

Every school day, UNCC provides these students with after-school nutritious meals, help with homework from staff and peer mentors, and the opportunity to participate in a wide array of enrichment activities, as well as exposure to community role models.


UNCC Website