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Are you an Illinois student who loves science, engineering, and mathematics? Are you interested in mentoring the next generation of students and inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM? If so, consider becoming a member of the WYSE staff!

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Engineering Summer Camp Counselors (undergraduate hourly)

Summer Camp Counselors are responsible for planning, leading, and implementing community-building experiences for our pre-college Engineering summer camps. This includes small and large group activities, but always with a counselor-to-camper ratio of 1:15 or smaller.  Counselors are responsible for the safety and well-being of the participants and act as a role model and mentor. 

View full details on the Engineering Summer Camp Counselor 2024 Job Description (pdf)



CLOSED Positions


CLOSED – TrailBlazer Engagement Ambassador (undergraduate hourly)

Join the WYSE summer camp team with a specialized focus on the experience of our TrailBlazer participants. These are middle and high school students who received a scholarship for showing evidence that they are paving new pathways into STEM. Perhaps they identify with underrepresented groups in STEM, perhaps they are the first in their family with a chance at college, or perhaps they have or are overcoming challenges to be where they are. As an Engagement Ambassador, you will work with a planning team to develop special programming, facilitate meet-ups and seminars, be a near-peer mentor, and assess the impact of this programming and summer camp experiences in general. Through funding from the Institute for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (Grant #GIANT2021-08), this position lasts through the summer and the academic year. You can expect between 10-20 hours per week during the summer and about 5 hours per week in the Fall and Spring semesters.

F22 TrailBlazer Engagement Ambassador job description

CLOSED – WYSE Social Media & Communications Intern (undergraduate hourly)

This position assists with social media and communication efforts for WYSE Program STEM Education outreach activities. Facilitate internal and external communications about the work of WYSE. This includes promotional and spotlight posts on social media, responding to WYSE followers, updating the WYSE website, and maintaining regular communications with staff, volunteers, and RSO partners. This is a part-time position of about 8-10 hrs/wk during the school year.

F23 Social Media & Communications Intern job description (pdf)

CLOSED - WYSE Materials Management Intern (undergraduate hourly)

Lead part-time undergraduate employee for the management of the WYSE program’s outreach and promotional materials and supplies.

WYSE Materials Management Intern 2024 Job Description (pdf)

CLOSED - Digital Scholars Summer Instructor (Computer Science)

Facilitate a high-school Introduction to Computer Science course to STEM-talented 10–12th graders in the Chicago area as part of the Summer 2024 Digital Scholars program through the Discovery Partners Institute. Guide and support students as they work through the Learn Computer Science Online curriculum, which mirrors the materials used by CS 124 at Illinois. Gain experience in teaching, mentoring, and outreach!

Digital Scholars Summer Instructor (Computer Science) 2024 Job Description (pdf)

CLOSED - Digital Scholars Summer Instructor (ECE)

Facilitate a high-school Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering course to STEM-talented 10th - 12th graders in the Chicago area as part of the Digital Scholars program through the Discovery Partners Institute. The instructor will teach and/or modify the curriculum that is used in ECE summer camps. Gain experience in both teaching and outreach!

View full details on the Digital Scholars Summer Instructor (ECE) 2024 Job Description (pdf)

CLOSED - Engineering Summer Camp Lab Assistants (graduate or undergraduate hourly)

Summer Camp Lab Assistants are responsible for supporting major-specific summer camp session coordinators by helping to prepare materials and handouts, helping campers understand and learn the material they are responsible for during camp, and assisting during class or office hours. Some faculty coordinators will ask student lab assistants to help lead class lectures, while other faculty coordinators will need lab assistants to be available to assist campers during individual or small group work time. Lab assistants are responsible for the general safety of the participants and act as a role model and mentor to their assigned campers and all participants.

Engineering Summer Camp Lab Assistant 2024 Job Description (pdf)

CLOSED - WYSE Lead Counselors (graduate or undergraduate hourly)

As a core member of the Engineering Outreach and Public Engagement staff, you will work closely with other WYSE staff to coordinate and facilitate summer camps and events for pre-college students. This includes taking leadership roles in the coordination of summer camps and other public engagement activities by helping to train and support counselors & volunteers and troubleshoot issues that might arise.  Be a liaison between the WYSE office, volunteers, and RSO partners. Assist with data collection, reporting, and social media communications.

View full details on the WYSE Lead Counselor 2024 Job Description (pdf)