FULL - City Designers and Builders Camp

Camp is FULL for Summer 2024.
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Application is CLOSED for Summer 2024.
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Age Group: 10th - 12th


  • Residential: $1,000
  • Commuter: $600
  • Virtual:
  • Day Camp:

Category: 3-D Sessions


  • Jul 21 - 27

Residence Hall:

Scholarships: Yes, see details No

Collage of civil engineering structures in the world
Some examples of what civil and environmental engineers work on

Civil and Environmental Engineers (CEE) play an important role in the lives we live today by addressing our most important societal challenges. CEE covers a wide range of topics that impact our society including climate change, air and water quality, safe and sound structures, and innovative construction methods. Learn more about how Civil and Environmental Engineers are taking on the toughest societal challenges. Experience hands-on projects, lab demonstrations, and field trips.



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"Overall, I think that the camp was a great experience. It exposed me to so many variations within CEE and I am even more passionate about engineering because of it." - 2023 CEE Camper 


Dr. Maryam Ghadiri earned her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Southern California. She currently coordinates the Outreach Program for Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) and oversees various initiatives within CEE including outreach, mentorship and service-learning program.

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