Electrical Engineering Overview

Electrical engineering student

Let’s understand the current situation!

Get ready to think like an electrical engineer! Electrical engineers work with circuits and the principles of electricity to create amazing inventions like light bulbs, radios, and phones.

Prompts to ask students to discuss and introduce the topic:

  • What is electrical engineering in your mind?Crop focused ethnic engineer using electric screwdriver
  • Where do you think electrical engineers work? What do they do?
  • Have you ever changed a light bulb in your house? Seen someone do it?
  • What does a switch in your house do?
  • Have you ever made a circuit? Seen one? Where?
  • Where do you think there are circuits?
    • Microwaves, fridges, TVs, computers (everywhere?)
  • What have you ALWAYS wondered about electricity? Can we see it?

Videos to introduce Electrical engineering to students: 


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