Civil and Environmental Engineering Overview

Build your understanding of Civil and Environmental Engineering!

Let us explore what it means to be a civil engineer. Meet practicing and aspiring engineers, and work on a design project that focuses on just one small part of the many types of careers that Civil and Environmental Engineers might do.

Prompts to ask students to discuss and introduce the topic:

  • What is civil engineering in your mind? What is environmental engineering?
  • Where do you think these engineers work? What do they do?
  • What materials do you think they work with?
  • What is the coolest bridge you have ever crossed? Have you ever seen a dam?
  • What is the tallest building you have been in?
  • Have you ever made a house out of cards?
  • Have you seen solar panels? Lights/watches that are solar operated?

Videos to introduce Civil and Environmental engineering to students: 


  • Student Voices 1 (video 4:10) from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) share why they chose this major and some favorite activities


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